Alien News ProThe Ultimate Reddit News Client for macOS

Unified and Integrated Reddit Desktop Application.

Introducing Alien News Pro: The most innovative News Reddit application for a personal computer ever conceived! Alien News Pro is the first News application to support Unlimited Tabs, Windows, and Reddit Accounts; as well as offering a super easy to use interface chock-loaded full of advanced features. Front Page View features a Newspaper-like layout for maximum space allocation and user enjoyment, and if you have a Touch bar enabled Mac, Alien News Pro also includes one of the most innovative uses of the Mac's new Touch Bar yet: Top News Stories will automatically scroll across your Touch Bar mimicking scrolling news stories if you were watching an actual TV news program! Easily browse your Favorite Subreddits super easily, and discover new Subreddits and Articles under Explore View. You can also Search with a single click, leave Comments, view your Private Messages, view Saved Articles, even view your recent User Activity, and more!

Alien News Pro was also built from the ground up for massive Tab Support; virtually every button you see in the app can be Command-Clicked to open it in a new Tab. You can also right-click to open Articles, Comments, Web Pages, and Subreddits in new Windows as well! If that still wasn't enough, Alien News Pro includes a Dark Mode that switches the entire application to Black in a single click. With all these features, Alien News Pro gives a News reading experience like you've never experienced!

*Reddit Account (free) is required
*Alien News Pro is a third party application and is not in any way endorsed, affiliated, or promoted by Reddit Inc.


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Ridiculously Advanced Features!

  • Unlimited Tab support; every Article, Subreddit, User, and Comments button can be Command-Clicked to open in a New Tab
  • Unlimited Window support; right-click items to open them in a new window
  • Front Page View features a Newspaper-like layout and feel for maximum article layout efficiency and user enjoyment
  • Front Page View features automatic scrolling top News Story on the Touch Bar (Touch Bar enabled Macs only)
  • Includes over 10 different Touch Bars that change based on what whether you're viewing Articles, Comments, Web Pages, etc. (Touch Bar enabled Macs only)
  • Favorites View shows all your favorite Subreddits organized neatly to make it fast and easy to choose what subject you're most interested in; includes custom Circular and Loop layouts as well
  • Explore View lets your browse the most Popular Subreddits, shows you Recommended Subreddits based on your interests, and Related Subreddits based on your interests
  • Search View makes fast and simple to search Subreddits and Articles with a single click
  • Submit Articles, Leave Comments, and Read Messages throughout the entire application
  • Saved, Messages, and User Activity Views lets you view various social activities that you have recently been up to
  • Comments View can scrape images and video off,, and many others and display media right in the Comments
  • Includes optional Dark Mode that changes every Window and Tab to Black color
  • Unlimited multiple Accounts with Automatic Login feature to login as soon as you open the application
  • Automatic loading architecture loads new Articles and Subreddits when you scroll to the bottom of the window
  • Basic A.I. analyzes your interests and shows your recommended and related Subreddits under Explore View
  • Share a URL quickly and easily right from the Toolbar, including sending to other macOS and iOS devices using AirDrop