GIF Live Support

    Live Photo Usage

  • Live Photo interoperability with built-in requires 10.11.4 or later
  • Live Photos are created using two files, a JPG and a MOV file; these files have metadata that is connected and must be dragged and dropped into at the same time to create a Live Photo

Basic Usage

  • Convert GIF and Video to GIF, Video, or Live Photo
  • GPU accelerated Animation Preview area shows how your animation will look before Export
  • Innovative Frame Organizer lets you create animations and modify existing animations super easily
  • Frame Organizer lets you Create new animations with drag and drop, rearrange frames with drag and drop, hold Option/Alt to copy a frame, and press Delete to delete a frame
  • Frame Organizer supports editing Frames per second, Reverse animations, and Customizable Layouts

Reset to Factory Settings

In order to reset GIF Live to Factory settings, open (located in /Applications/Utilities/) and enter the command below:
defaults delete com.machsoftwaredesign.giftolivephoto
The next time GIF Live starts up, it will be reset to factory settings.


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