Hurricane Track Support

Country Detection

Some of Hurricane Track's features -- such as Local Radar, Regional Radar, and Textual Forecast; are for the United States only. The first time you launch Hurricane Track, it will ask you for your location. Hurricane Track then detects whether you are located in the United States or not, and if not, it disables some of the features. If you live in the United States and some features are disabled, please reset Hurricane Track to factory settings (instructions below) and try entering your location again when prompted.

Reset to Factory Settings

In order to reset Hurricane Track to Factory settings, open (located in /Applications/Utilities/) and enter the command below:
defaults delete com.machsoftwaredesign.hurricane
The next time Hurricane Track starts up, it will be reset to factory settings.


  • Hundreds of "NEXRAD Next Generation" Local Radars all over the U.S.; with each Radar featuring independent layers, with 6 Radars per location: Base Reflectivity, Storm Relative Motion, Base Velocity, One-Hour Precipitation, Composite Reflectivity, and Storm Total Precipitation
  • Dozens of Regional Radars give you a glimpse of what's going on in the immediate surrounding vicinity
  • 14 World Radars with 8 Radars per location: Visible, Shortwave, Water Vapor, Aviation, Dvorak, JSL, Funktop, and Rainbow
  • Local Weather features Photorealistic Day/Night Graphics, with over 200,000 locations around the globe supported; updates every 15 minutes
  • Innovative 7 Lightning Radars around the world show Lightning Intensity for a given region
  • National U.S. Radar, with a high resolution option
  • Textual Forecast gives detailed descriptions for different periods throughout the day (Provided by U.S. National Weather Service)
  • Interactive 3D Solar System shows Sun, Planets, and Asteroid Belt
  • Interactive 3D Earth shows latest Earthquakes, Tropical Storms, and Live Clouds
  • Interactive Map shows latest Earthquakes, Tropical Storms, and Live Clouds
  • Each Radar can be switched between locations on the fly
  • Each Radar features Reload button to make sure you always have the latest data
  • Dock Icon shows Animated NEXRAD Local Radar
  • Local Weather supports Unlimited Multiple Locations, Imperial/Metric systems,F/C; 24 Hour Clock Option
  • Local Weather Conditions in menubar (Dark Theme compatible, must be enabled in Preferences)
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