PDF Note Pro The iCloud PDF Editor and M4A Audio Recorder for iOS and macOS

Groundbreaking Features.

PDF Note Pro is a groundbreaking new PDF Note Taker, Editor, Merger, Splitter, Organizer, Markup, Annotator, and MPEG-4 Audio Recorder/Player for iOS and macOS. PDF Note Pro features super easy to use PDF Editing, a revolutionary PDF Page Organizer/Manipulator, and MPEG-4 (M4A) Audio Recording/Playback with breathtaking Audio visualizer. PDF Note Pro makes it easier than ever to draw, highlight, fill out forms, annotate, manage, and organize PDFs instantly. If that still wasn't enough, PDF Note Pro not only features iCloud synchronization across all your devices - but also includes iCloud Drive* and iCloud HandOff/Continuity so you can transfer PDFs between devices seamlessly**

Unmatched User Experience

With all these features, no PDF application in the world is a match for PDF Note Pro - never mind all the features PDF Note Pro offers; 99% of PDF applications don't even have a corresponding macOS/iOS version. Which alone makes PDF Note Pro the most valuable PDF Editor and gives you the most bang for your buck - guaranteed. Best of all, PDF Note Pro is free for iOS and only $9.99 (U.S.) for macOS!

* iCloud Drive Support for Windows requires iCloud Drive install, iCloud Drive for Mac requires macOS 10.10 or later; iCloud Drive supports PDF/M4A
**iCloud HandOff requires both Bluetooth 4.0/LE and WiFi on and enabled; iCloud HandOff works with PDF only


Learn how to use PDF Note Pro as well as learn how to make the most out of iCloud! Visit our Support Site.

Advanced Features

  • Freehand draw on Notes using native PDF format with "Vector" note taking tools such as Pencil, Eraser, and Highlighter; keeping PDF file sizes small
  • Record Audio in M4A format with stunning 3D Visualizor; M4A Audio files are synced to all your devices
  • iCloud support keeps your documents in Sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac; and with iCloud Drive, Windows PCs and well*
  • iCloud HandOff lets you start work on one device and continue on another (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)**
  • Text Tool lets your Touch/Click to Type Anywhere (iPad/Mac)
  • Add Images, Text, and Web Pages to a PDF instantly (iPad/Mac)
  • Full Speech-To-Text Dictation support anywhere you can Type (Press Dictation key on keyboard on iOS, press "Fn" key twice on macOS)
  • iCloud is completely optional -- PDF Note Pro works just as well offline as online!
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use!