TXT WriteThe iCloud TXT and PDF Editor for iOS and macOS

Edit plain TXT files in a Massive Amount of Formats.

TXT Write is a powerful new TXT and PDF (Plain Text, PDF) Editor for iOS and macOS! Featuring full iCloud document synchronization, TXT files in addition to supporting nearly 15 plain text code formats; as well as PDF Viewing/Creating/Annotation; TXT Write makes it super easy to create in many different formats while still being incredibly powerful! And the best part is TXT Write is free for iOS and only $0.99 (U.S.) on macOS!


Learn how to use TXT Write as well as learn how to make the most out of iCloud! Visit our Support Site.

Advanced Features

  • iCloud document synchronization; TXT Write keeps all your documents up to date on all your iOS and macOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
  • TXT Read/Write support; as well as HTML/JS/PHP/RB/PL/JAVA/C/H/M/CP/SH/MM Read/Write with Syntax Highlighting support for HTML, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, C, C++, Objective-C++ and more
  • PDF Creation/Viewing/Annotation -- On macOS add text, shapes, lines, markup and more; on iOS draw diagrams, take notes, grade documents, sign documents with Freehand writing. (Large PDF documents in iCloud, such as large eBooks, are not recommended)
  • Preview HTML Files instantly on iOS (Drag the proxy icon in the Titlebar to a web browser in the Dock to preview HTML on macOS)
  • Keyboard Toolbar (iOS only) provides access to frequently used functions and commonly used keys
  • Export as PDF makes it easy to annotate PDF's (iOS only) for grading papers, making corrections, or signing documents
  • Revolutionary PDF Magnifer feature makes it super easy to take Notes and automatically save as PDF (iOS only)
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use!