Motion Weather 4KThe Most Realistic and Stunning Weather Application for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Most Beautiful and Modern Weather Application

Introducing Motion Weather 4K: The most insanely beautiful and innovative weather application ever conceived. Motion Weather 4K features beautiful Cinema quality 4K video* that automatically changes based on the weather outside and includes innovative features such as a 3D earth with live data, a graphical 4K Video Theme Chooser, unlimited multiple Locations, Imperial/Metric system support, on-demand downloading of videos that automatically maximizes a hard disk's space, and more. As well as including daytime 4K videos, Motion Weather 4K knows when it's night time outside and automatically switches to night time 4K videos accordingly providing an unparalleled and breathtaking experience.

Motion Weather 4K also features several different Widget Styles allowing you to customize on screen Widgets (or no Widgets at all) as well as choosing a custom 4K video super easily. Don't have a lot of hard drive space? No problem! Motion Weather 4K takes advantage of the latest iOS technologies to download 4K videos as needed, and if you get low on hard drive space, Motion Weather 4K will automatically delete 4K videos that aren't in use. And best of all, Motion Weather 4K is Universal, so with one purchase you get the application for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV!


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Advanced Features

  • 4K Ultra HD Video automatically changes based on weather conditions outside
  • Knows when it's Day and Night time and changes 4K Videos accordingly
  • Choose three different Widget Styles providing timely and useful information; or no Widgets at all
  • Interactive 3D Earth with Live Clouds, Earthquakes, and Tropical Cyclones
  • Choose a Custom 4K Video with Graphical Theme Chooser
  • On-Demand downloading of 4K videos automatically optimizes hard disk space
  • Works for hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide
  • Automatic Location Detection or Manually enter Locations
  • Unlimited Multiple Locations
  • Imperial/Metric System (Farenheit/Celsius) support
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use