Weather Dock Express Support

Basic Usage

  • Left-click the Dock Icon to bring up the main Weather window (only if Weather Dock Express is in the background, if in the foreground choose File > Main Window)
  • Left-click on the Menu Bar Item to bring up the Current conditions and Five Day forecast Menu -- anywhere system-wide
  • Right-Click the Menu Bar Item to bring up a 12-Hour Forecast and Live Interactive 3D Earth; also system-wide
  • Resize the main Weather window to automatically turn the 5-Day Forecast into a 10-Day forecast
  • Click on Current Conditions or Five-Day Icon (on the main window) to view detailed Forecast information for that time period (currently only U.S. only)
  • Choose a Forecast in the Menu Bar Item to view detailed Forecast information for that time period (currently U.S. only)
  • Works for over 200,000 Locations worldwide
  • Unlimited Multiple Locations
  • Weather data updates every 15 minutes
  • Switch Locations instantly from the Locations Menu
  • Retina Display support
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use

  • *Clouds may take a few seconds to load depending on Internet Connection and Server availability


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