GIF LiveGIF, Live Photo, & Video Converter for macOS

Create and Modify Animations with Unparalleled Ease.

GIF Live is the new de facto standard for converting GIFs, Videos, (and for the first time) Live Photos to one format or the other! Simply load a GIF or Video file; hit Export as GIF, Video, or Live Photo* and you're good to go. In addition to converting a wide array of animation and video formats, GIF Live also features an innovative graphical Frame Organizer, which lets you easily create new animations and modify existing animations with drag and drop ease - Simply drag and drop images from your preferred web browser or drag and drop files from the Finder into the Frame Organizer to create a new Animation! You can even rearrange frames, copy frames, and delete frames with unparalleled simplicity. Set the Frames per Second, and customize the layout to get exactly the kind of result that you want. With all these features, GIF Live is the perfect "swiss army knife" for anyone who loves GIFs, Videos, Live Photos, or any combination thereof!

*Live Photo interoperability with built-in requires 10.11.4 or later
**Live Photos are created using two files, a JPG and a MOV file; these files have metadata that is connected and must be dragged and dropped into at the same time to create a Live Photo


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Advanced Features

  • Convert GIF and Video to GIF, Video, or Live Photo
  • GPU accelerated Animation Preview area shows how your animation will look before Export
  • Innovative Frame Organizer lets you create animations and modify existing animations super easily
  • Frame Organizer lets you Create new animations with drag and drop, rearrange frames with drag and drop, hold Option/Alt to copy a frame, and press Delete to delete a frame
  • Frame Organizer supports editing Frames per second, Reverse animations, and Customizable Layouts
  • Retina Display support
  • Optimized for macOS 10.11 and later
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use