Hurricane TrackComprehensive Atlantic / Pacific Hurricane Tracker and Radar Application

Atlantic / Pacific Hurricane Tracker and Radar

Hurricane Track 3.0 is the most advanced, modern, and easiest to use Hurricane Tracking, Radar, and Local Weather application. Hurricane Track 3.0 features incredible new features such as 14 World Radars, a new customizable dynamic Local Radar using NEXRAD "next-generation radar" technology, descriptive Textual Forecasts, future Projected Tropical Cyclone Paths, Historic Hurricane Paths, Regional Radars, National Radars, Lightning Intensity Radars, Sea Temperatures, Cloud Formations that can potentially turn into tropical cyclones, Maps, an Interactive 3D Earth and Solar System, detailed tropical storm information and discussion, and much much more!

Local Weather features photorealistic Day and Night time graphics, Ten Day Weather Forecasts, Wind Speed/Direction, Humidity, Highs/Lows, and much more. Local Weather Conditions are shown in the Menu Bar (Dark Theme compatible!) and a live animated NEXRAD Local Radar in the Dock. All three panes can be resized independently, with full Multi-touch gestures included. With all these features, Hurricane Track brings comprehensive Hurricane tracking and Radar technology to your Mac, at a very affordable price.


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Advanced Features

  • Full Color Satellite Animations based on newly launched NOAA/NASA GOES 16 Satellite
  • Projected Tropical Storm Paths: Future tropical storm paths for the next five days
  • Graphical outlines of cloud formations that can turn into potential Tropical Storms
  • Historical Hurricane Tracks going all the way back to 1949
  • Sea Surface Temperatures for the past two months
  • Interactive Map with Tropical Cyclones, Live Clouds, and Earthquakes
  • Interactive 3D Solar System shows Sun, Planets, and Asteroid Belt
  • Interactive 3D Earth with Live Clouds, Tropical Storms, and Earthquakes
  • Tropical Storm and Weather Information, Summaries, Discussions, and Outlooks
  • Customizable Advanced Local Radar using NEXRAD technology
  • Innovative Lightning Intensity Radars
  • Each Radar can be switched between locations on the fly
  • Each Radar features Reload button to make sure you always have the latest data
  • Dock Icon shows Animated NEXRAD Local Radar
  • Local Weather features Photorealistic Day/Night Graphics, with over 200,000 locations around the globe supported; updates every 15 minutes
  • Local Weather supports Unlimited Multiple Locations, Imperial/Metric systems,F/C; 24 Hour Clock Option
  • Local Weather Conditions in menubar (Dark Theme compatible, must be enabled in Preferences)
  • 10 Day Forecast on main window
  • 5 Day Forecast in menubar
  • Textual Forecast gives detailed descriptions for different periods throughout the day (Provided by U.S. National Weather Service)
  • Wind Speed, Direction, Humidity, Conditions and more
  • Multi-Touch gesture and Retina Display support included!