Weather Dock ExpressThe Most Advanced Weather Application and Real-Time Data Behemoth

Most Modern Weather Application

Weather Dock Express is the most modern, innovative, and beautiful Weather application. Weather Dock Express features stunning photorealistic animations, super accurate weather forecasts, gorgeous interactive 3D Graphics, and even Live Tropical Storm, Earthquake, Clouds*, and Sunlight data. View photorealistic animations with animated Rain, Snow, Clouds, the Sun, Moon, even Lightning, and more! Or view an Interactive 3D Solar System or view Planets (with Planetary data) individually right from the Menu Bar! Weather Dock Express combines sophisticated technology with stunning design -- all while being super easy to use!


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Advanced Features

  • Left-click the Dock Icon to bring up the main Weather window (only if Weather Dock Express is in the background, if in the foreground choose File > Main Window)
  • Left-click on the Menu Bar Item to bring up the Current conditions and Five Day forecast Menu -- anywhere system-wide
  • Right-Click the Menu Bar Item to bring up a 12-Hour Forecast and Live Interactive 3D Earth; also system-wide
  • Resize the main Weather window to automatically turn the 5-Day Forecast into a 10-Day forecast
  • Click on Current Conditions or Five-Day Icon (on the main window) to view detailed Forecast information for that time period (currently U.S. only)
  • Choose a Forecast in the Menu Bar Item to view detailed Forecast information for that time period (currently U.S. only)
  • Works for over 200,000 Locations worldwide
  • Unlimited Multiple Locations
  • Weather data updates every 15 minutes
  • Switch Locations instantly from the Locations Menu
  • Retina Display support
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use